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Business Aviation Consulting

Blue Ridge Jet Management applies over 100 years of combined professional aviation experience to assist our clients with making the best decisions.


Our experience is very vast and expansive enabling our team to work on very diverse projects including:

  • Charter Use Analysis

    • What is the right aircraft for the mission?

    • When should I consider upgrading to a jet card or fractional program?

  • Fleet Planning

    • When should I purchase an aircraft?

      • Planning and budgeting expertise

    • Factional ownership versus whole ownership analysis

      • Negotiating the entry and exit of a fractional program

  • Flight Department Setup

    • Selecting and hiring the team for your aircraft

    • Hangar selection and negotiation

  • Technical Oversight

    • Aircraft improvements and upgrades

    • Heavy maintenance events – overseeing the MRO provider

    • Maintenance record keeping audit

  • Hangar Construction Project Management