Welcome to Pegasus Flight Club

Pegasus Flight Club brings equestrian enthusiasts together to share private aircraft charter trips between common city pairs.

  • For example, there is a large constituent of equestrian enthusiasts and participants who travel between the horse rich Piedmont and Wellington, FL during the winter months. 

  • Rather than travel on the airlines requiring nearly a full day to travel each way, why not charter a private aircraft by the seat and travel with fellow Pegasus Flight Club members?

How Does It Work?

  1. All it takes is for one Pegasus Flight Club member to request a trip.  Not a member? Click here...

  2. Blue Ridge Jet Management will send the trip details out to the membership to inquire what other members may be interested in joining on a per seat basis.

  3. An aircraft will be sourced by Blue Ridge Jet Management from a reputable audited FAA certificated 135 charter operator.

  4. The flight options and per seat cost thereof will be sent out to the membership.

  5. Those interested will lock in their commitment to the seat(s).

  6. Blue Ridge Jet Management will book the trip - payment is made by each individual

  7. We are happy to coordinate other details like catering and ground transportation for each individual member.

Blue Ridge Jet Management does not own or operate aircraft for hire. We support your mission using approved vendors in a filtered network of proven FAA Certificated Part 135 Air Taxi operators.  The operators are audited by 3rd party industry focused safety auditing firms ensuring best practices are followed and high quality flight crews are selected.